Disney Play Home is a playschool involved in providing fundamental education for children. Our school focuses on laying the basic foundation of learning that sharpens the inherent skills of children. The education provided by us is known for its excellence and prepares the  children well for next level of schooling. We adhere global standards of education that enable our students to grow in both behavioral and knowledge aspects. We provide quality education to the children of age group between 1 and 3 years.

Our school functions with strategic objectives that enable us to acquire growth in this sector. We can boast of a great atmosphere and high class infrastructure that is free from pollution, disturbances and menaces. We have qualified teachers who assist our children in all ways possible. Our teachers nurture the potentials of each child with utmost care. Our school works with schematic approaches of learning and have supporting teachers to guide and teach the children in better ways.
Our playschool support services include play home, day care, activities like drawing, shloka and dance classes.